A request: does anyone have (or know where to find) Apple’s and Microsoft’s financials from 1980-1998 or so?

A simple request, but it’s one of those ones where once you start looking you keep ending up in blind alleys.

What I want: some numbers for Apple’s financial results (sales, profit, ideally numbers of machines sold and average selling price, aka ASP) from, well, as early as possible; and Microsoft’s sales by division from, say, 1985, though 1991 would do it. I can find financial results for Microsoft on its site going back to 1991, but – and it’s a big but – they’re not split into divisions.

Why do I want it? Because ASP for Apple gear is an important point: Steve Jobs said, I believe, about his time away from Apple that “the money men took over” and made the products too expensive and failed to focus on quality. (Find the link if you can, though I’m sure it’s out there – possibly from a Forbes interview in his “resting” years.)

As for Microsoft, I’m trying to figure out how their divisional earnings varied, and also to see if there’s a consolidated look back at their numbers. In working through existing quarterly financial results, I’ve found enormous variations (so that a year later, its look back at the year before doesn’t square with the numbers previously reported), plus divisions – especially the creation of “Windows and Windows Live” – confuse the long-term view.

So if you do have those numbers, I’d be really grateful. Acknowledgements in the book and all that.


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Freelance journalist - technology, science, and so on. Author of "Digital Wars: Apple, Google, Microsoft and the battle for the internet".
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One Response to A request: does anyone have (or know where to find) Apple’s and Microsoft’s financials from 1980-1998 or so?

  1. EMComments says:

    Charles, not exactly what you are after but might be useful:

    Also apple investor relatons

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