9 January 2007: Michael Dell launches the 20-inch laptop; Steve Jobs launches.. something else (updated)

Updated: now with picture!

The incidental detail that turns up in the research for this book just gets more and more enjoyable.

Such as: one wants to be accurate: precisely which day of the week was it that Steve Jobs announced that thing he announced in January 2007? (You may be able to think of the name.) I had thought it was Monday, but actually it was Tuesday – 9 January, to be precise.

I recall all the stories about how the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas was missing many heavyweight journalists, because they’d gone over to San Francisco to hear Jobs speak, in expectation of the unveiling of the thingummy.

And who should be up on the stage at CES at the exact same time as Jobs was at Macworld? Yes, Mr Shut-the-company-down-and-give-the-cash-back, Michael Dell.

Here you go:

Ailing computer giant Dell will face off, sort of, against smaller but better-faring rival Apple on Tuesday. Whether it will help Dell, though, is hard to say.

Dell founder and board chairman Michael Dell will give a keynote speech at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas at the exact time Apple CEO Steve Jobs will address the Macworld masses in San Francisco.

Wow. Anyone remember what he announced? No, not him, Michael Dell. Anyone? Bueller? (OK, I simply couldn’t bear not to put the answer in the blogpost title.)

In case you’d forgotten, here’s a link to his speech (Google Doc).

He also threw out the challenge to the tech industry to become more green. I think the tech industry sort o threw it back at him.

One also has to love “ailing computer giant” in the first sentence of that Red Herring report. One senses they were being ironic. Although: Apple’s market cap as the day began was $301.8bn; Dell’s was $30bn.

Update: And now a picture!

Come on, you have to agree that this image has become iconic around the world. Everyone remembers where they were on 9 January 2007 when Michael Dell did his routine with Mike Myers, surely?


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3 Responses to 9 January 2007: Michael Dell launches the 20-inch laptop; Steve Jobs launches.. something else (updated)

  1. Tom says:

    I think Mr Jobs announced a new type of mobile telephone.

    It turned out to be quite successful.

  2. Tom says:

    Do I win £5?

  3. David S says:

    As much as I hate admit it, the iPhone did change the game. Changed the way people created, used and consumed media. From a marketing perspective, Apple did a tremendous job.

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