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If Nokia is a bureaucracy, and Microsoft is a political party, then what are Apple and Google?

So I was reading Andrew Orwlowski’s “What sealed Nokia’s fate?” which concludes elegantly: The problem Stephen Elop faces now is not a technical one. I’ll offer another Unpopular Opinion here: that WP7 is really remarkably good already. If it wasn’t … Continue reading

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What would a search page created by Apple look like? Comparing Google, Microsoft and Apple brands via their fonts

Over the weekend I began thinking – having read the excellent analysis over at SFGate about how Apple used Sony’s initial strategy to focus only on the very best products – about Apple and Google and Microsoft, and particularly their … Continue reading

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Microsoft/Apple/Google: can you spot the company from its staffer’s description?

Welcome to Microsoft. Photo by mbtrama on Flickr. Some rights reserved Given that I’m writing a book about Microsoft, Apple and Google, and about the business practices inside them and what sorts of effects they lead to, I felt quite … Continue reading

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If ecosystems are what breeds success, where is Google’s?

In researching this book, one of the things that occurs to me is that ecosystems are, if not everything, then crucial to success. And the success is magnified if you have a hardware *and* a software ecosystem. Windows succeeded because … Continue reading

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The Rivals: prospective title for a book about Microsoft, Apple and Google

Welcome to my little blog. I’m writing a book which has the loose title above (don’t worry, it’ll almost certainly change by the time it comes to be published). And I wondered if you’d like to help, in return for … Continue reading

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